Monday, May 13, 2013

Artemide mesmeri - Power saving Bedroom lighting

Artemide mesmeri - Power saving Bedroom lighting
Among the other rooms of your home, bedroom is known as one of the most cozy and comfortable rooms for you. For this reason, this room deserves a special decoration than other rooms. As this is a private place for you, so it is important to plan the clamping system in a proper way, so that it will illuminate the cozy corners of the room and at the same time save more money. For this, it is always suggested to go for energy efficient lighting arrangements. However, before planning the lighting arrangement in the bedroom, let us find out the right ways of using them.

Take a survey: While looking for saving more on the lighting arrangements; make sure to minutely look at the previous lighting arrangements of ceiling fans, pendant lights, desk lights, floor lamps. If you notice that each light is consuming lots of power, then this is the first way to save more on your budget. To do this it is always a best option if you prefer LED or artemide mesmeri as the bedroom lighting. These lights will stay for a long time and do not reflect any UV ray while using them in your bedroom.

Controlling lighting controls: Apart from changing the high-energy consuming bulbs to artemide aqua cil, the control over the switches of the room also help to save more power. Try to use dimmers, instead of backdated switches these switching arrangements not only function the role of switches, but at the same time control the excess use of energy.

Change in night bulb: If you cannot sleep without a night lamp, then you can again save more money by using incandescent night-lights. These lights run for a long time and at the same consume 0.3 watts of power.
Lighting fixtures: The use of fixtures is also responsible for saving more money. If you are using a display light or a desk light of the old pattern, then it will generate more heat and consume more power. However, if you switch to LED option, it will make the room comfortable and save more on the energy. So replace your backdated lighting option with the new one and make your home and world a comfortable living place for all.


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