Thursday, May 23, 2013

Artemide Dioscuri - Redecorate an old house with the right lighting

Artemide Dioscuri - Redecorate an old house with the right lighting
Moving into a new house can be both exciting as well as confusing when you are not sure whether to bring things from your old home or whether you need to buy things, especially when it is a smaller house.

So, what should you consider buying after moving into a new home? When moving into a new house, lighting is the most important elements that can set the mood of any room while illuminating the home. When selecting lighting for the home, imagine what each room would look like when certain lighting fixtures are used. Good quality lighting fixtures for a new home are however those that can ensure the same warmth that your old house had while ensuring the right effect it creates in the household.

So, what kind of lighting should you choose to make your new home look as ambient as your previous one?

Compact lighting: While selecting wall lights or floor lamps for the new home, you should never forget that small is beautiful. Compact wall lighting from artemide such as Artemide Dioscuri, pendant lights for your wall such as Artemide Edge or compact floor lighting such as Artemide Cadmo can help save space without compromising on elegance.

Energy saving lighting: When you move into a new house, your expenses are likely to increase along with your increasing needs. You need not go in for extensive lighting fixtures to make your home look appealing. Energy efficient wall lighting from Artemide including artemide dioscuri or Artemide Chocolate and floor lamps such as Artemide Tolomeo or Artemide Genesy can suit any room they are fitted in while helping save on energy to suit your budget.

Lighting that provides visual appeal: Not only should lighting be visually appealing, but should also get the attention of those residing in the household. When you plan to install new lighting for both the walls as well as the floors of your home, make sure you purchase lighting that is bright as well as ambient.

Thematic lighting: If you have chosen a theme related to the Old World or something from the historical past to give your home the comfort of an old house, then you should consider lighting that matches the theme even with a contemporary design such as Artemide Spilli or Artemide Melampo.


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