Thursday, August 23, 2012

Artemide Tolomeo AR 0372050A

Artemide’s Tolomeo – the synonym for adaptability

Famous designers focus on an Italian based manufacturing company Artemide, for making creative designs of lighting. Artemide Company stands apart for its desk lamps like Tolomeo and Tizio desk lamps. The Tolomeo desk lamp is a symbol of current Italian design. Giancarlo Fassina and Michele De Lucchi are the designers of Tolomeo lamp. Tolomeo Table is a desk lamp that uses Aluminum with a well-arranged spring. Tolomeo is available as a table, wall, floor and ceiling light.
Tolomeo Table Lighting from Artemide

Tolomeo Table consists of a parchment diffuser that provides subtle light over a wider area. The paper parchment diffuser remains vertical in spite of the angle of the arm. It offers direct and subtle discharge of light. The smallest of the Artemide Tolomeo family is Artemide Tolomeo Micro with Clamp base. Color scheme is aluminum, eight anodized colors, and black.

Other products of Tolomeo line by Artemide

The Tolomeo Basculante is suitable for small places. The Tolomeo Basculante Tavolo has a table clamp or a table base. The shade of the parchment paper turns creamy white when the power switch is on. The Tolomeo Mega Wall is another design of Tolomeo ranges. It comes in a pendant and a wall lamp version. The diffuser comes in parchment paper or in polycarbonate and Satin. The lamp comes either time. The lamp body comes either with an On/Off switched assembly, or with an in-line dimmer/switch. The Tolomeo Mini is another product of the Tolomeo family, available as a table and wall lamp. The Tolomeo Mega is another product whose diffuser is in paper parchment or in polycarbonate and Satin. Each product is unique in its feature. Tolomeo Lettura is a versatile and big articulated floor light with satin or parchment shade. The product is helpful in the kitchen to reach over things. Adaptability is one of the main features of the Tolomeo lamp from Artemide.
Awards received by Artemide’s Tolomeo

The Artemide from Tolomeo received the Red dot award in 2003 for its exquisite design in a competition organized by Design Zentrum Westfalen Nordrhein, Essen (Germany)