Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Using LED light bulbs in housings or retrofits

Using LED light bulbs in housings or retrofits
To use LED light bulbs, housings or just retrofits: that is the question that enters the minds of many a user of recessed can lights. Each LED lighting type requires to be worked with depending on the individual merits and demerits.

So, how can you decide whether you should install brand new LED housings, switch to LED retrofit modules or LED light bulbs? Selecting a LED lamp with a regular incandescent trim and housing as compared to the other lighting options or choosing the other lighting modules over the traditional incandescent trim and housing would not only depend on the advantages and limitations of the modules, but also on the size of the recessed can light and other factors.

The LED lamps with a traditional incandescent trim and housing such as Artemide Dioscuri can be easier to remove and alter and comparatively cheaper than other lighting modules. It could on the other hand have a really short life and may not be easily dimmable.

LED retrofit modules such as Artemide Megan easily make up in the areas that Artemide Dioscuri lacks in that they manage heat better, are convenient to use, easy to replace, durable and are inexpensive. Retrofit LED modules could however have compatibility issues with the incandescent housings in some households.

As compared to Artemide Megan or Artemide Dioscuri, using a module with a conventional trim or housing could offer you both functionality as well as durability. Modules with a conventional trim could also turn out to be a disappointment for those who purchased them expecting replacement parts for the same to be easily available in the market in the future or thinking that the modules are easily dimmable.

Before you could consider investing in lighting modules, you should consider finding out your exact needs and requirements. If you would, for instance, be satisfied with a lighting module that would give you durability and functionality without having to worry about the availability of spare parts, then you should consider going in for LED lighting modules with a conventional trim.

If you are looking for other qualities in a light module such as ease in replacement, improved heat management and something that is easy on your pocket without expecting the module to be dimmable, then you could consider going in for an LED retrofit module.


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